Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


In the Moment Planning

Planning in the Moment

Young children have a natural desire to learn, explore and question. At Rowland Hill Nursery School we offer an environment that enables children to play and learn through their passions, fascinations and interests. Our skilful team of teachers and early educators carefully observe the children then seize the moment when a child shows interest. This is called a ‘teachable moments’.

Teachable Moments During Child-Led Play

Teachable moments are about recognising that children learn in an unconscious way during informal interactions. We have a carefully planned learning environment that supports children abilities to make choices about what they want to learn and where they want to learn. This ensures that are children are motivated through the school day to be purposeful in their play and learning. Our staff team use open-ended questions to develop children’s communication and critical thinking skills.

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