Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Big Story

The Nursery Staff stage a ‘Big Story’ performance, of a well-loved or meaningful story, at least twice during every half-term. As part of a Big Story a small group of staff and children will act out a story supported by a narrator.

Reading a story to children and then acting it out is a great way to bring it to life.  Acting out a story will enable the children to achieve a deeper engagement with it. Becoming the characters in the book is a powerful tool to help children understand a story and story conventions; how stories are structured, why characters behave as they do and how story language is used etc.

These opportunities are also planned to support children with their Personal, social and emotional development. For example, children who are less self-assured might be supported in developing their confidence by possibly being encouraged over-time to participate in a performance with their Key Person or special friendship group as support. We have found that after such an event children will usually have a sense of achievement and pride and this will have a very positive impact on their general confidence and self-esteem.