Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Our Commitment to Training the Early Years Workforce

We aim to ensure that the provision at Woodlands Park is of the highest quality to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.  Part of how we achieve this is through a commitment to training our staff to ensure that we have teams of skilled practitioners committed to their own learning. We believe in being a community of learners. 

Throughout the year staff are engaged in a programme of training that reflects the strategic priorities of the Centre and practitioners’ experience, key responsibilities and professional development needs. Staff also support one another through a programme  of peer mentoring and visit other early years settings to see quality practice.  A number of our staff are also engaged in taking additional professional qualifications linked to their roles.  Through what we have learnt we are constantly developing our practice e.g. in our work with children with autism; in the way that we support children’s early communication; how we develop our outdoor learning; the importance of secure attachments.  The list goes on!

To enable the training and professional development to take place we have 5 Inset days spread throughout the year when the Centre is closed to families.  In addition there are 6 Core Days (one each half term) when the Centre closes to families at 2:30

We believe that to develop our professional practice we need to become more reflective and engage in research and developing new learning.  In recent years we have worked with a number of different organisation's on a range of different funded research projects: