Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


How We Work

Opening Hours

Green Room

  • Free for Twos part-time places (year round; 8.30am - 11.30am and 12.30pm - 3.30pm)
  • Edu-care places (year round; 8am – 6pm)

Blue Room

  • Edu-care places (year round; 8am – 6pm; NOTE: breakfast takes place in the Community Room during holiday times)
  • Part time 15 hour entitlement places (term-time only; 8.30am – 11.30am and 12.30pm - 3.30pm) 
  • Flexible 15 hour entitlement places (term-time only; 8.30am - 3.30pm two days a week and one half day 8.30-11.30am or 12.30 -3.30pm)
  • Full time 30 hour entitlement places (term-time only; 8.30am-3.30pm five days a week)
  • Flexible 30 hour entitlement places (year round; 8am-6pm two days a week and one half day 8-11.30am or 12.30-3:30pm)
  • Morning and Afternoon sessions start with HELLO TIME at 8:30am and 12:30pm

The Centre is open 48 weeks a year.

To enable training and professional development to take place, we have 5 Inset days spread throughout the year when the Centre is closed to families. 

In addition there are 6 Core Days (one each half term) when the Centre closes to families at 2:30pm.

The Key Person

The Centre has a Key Person system.  The Key Person is your child’s special person at Woodlands.  S/he will:

  • Carry out a home visit to meet you and your child
  • Support you in settling your child
  • Keep a profile book, observations and records of your child’s development
  • Work in partnership with you to best meet your child’s individual needs

The key person will never replace the parent but they will be a special extra adult for your child.  As your child gains confidence, then she or he will begin to move away from the Key Person and start to get to know other staff in the nursery.  If you have any concerns you may arrange an appointment to see your child’s Key Person or your child’s Co-Worker.  Your Key Person also has a Co-Worker and a Support Worker that work together in a Family Group who will support your child in your Key Person’s absence.

Settling Children

For many children, coming to the centre will be the first time they have spent time away from their family. Some children will settle in quite easily, whilst for others it could be more difficult. 

  • We will always work with you in settling your child in. Settling in is a partnership process and we need to work together to support your child with the important transition from home to nursery. You will always know more about your child’s feelings, likes or dislikes, ways of being comforted and interests.
  • Before your child starts nursery, we offer a home visit which is mainly about getting to know you and gathering information that will be helpful later on. Children can find a home visit helpful because they are able to meet their new key person in their home environment. This helps children to begin to form an attachment.  The key person will also be able to explain the approach to settling your child in and the visit will give an opportunity to ask questions about how we work.
  • When your child starts at the Centre you will be asked to stay for your child’s first sessions. The time it takes for each individual child to adjust to separation will vary.  Therefore families must be prepared to give valuable time to this process.  If you need to book time off work, then we suggest that you book a week off to help your child settle happily.  Please let us know if this is difficult for you.  As your child begins to settle we will leave it to you and the Key Person to judge when your child is ready to be left in the centre.

Equal Opportunities

  1. We have a very strong commitment towards Equal Opportunities across the whole Centre in order to ensure that all children reach their full potential. We support this through planning to create an environment full of opportunities for everyone who comes to the Centre.
  • We are opposed to stereotyping and all forms of prejudice and harassment. We will challenge any incidents that show discrimination or prejudice

Special Educational Needs

We strongly promote an inclusive ethos across the whole Centre and aim to meet the needs of all children. We aim to include all children in the life and opportunities of the Centre.  We will support children and their families if issues arise in relation to special needs so that they feel secure, supported and able to participate in the Centre.  All children are helped to access a broad and balanced early years curriculum.


  • Please note that Woodlands Park is a NUT FREE environment as there are children who have been diagnosed as severely allergic (anaphylactic) to nuts.
  • On admission we will ask you if your child has any special dietary requirements.
  • Mealtimes are relaxed sociable occasions and children are encouraged to serve themselves and to try out new foods – although we never force a child to eat. Water, milk and fruit are available throughout the day.
  • The centre has a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced menu. The menu has been developed by qualified dieticians working locally in consultation with our kitchen staff, parents and children. This menu has been planned with both meat and vegetarian options and is suitable for the full range of ages of children in the Centre.  We use fresh ingredients wherever possible.


It is very important to everyone that children are kept safe. Please make sure that you close all door and gates as you come into the Nursery and ensure that buggies are left folded in the Buggy Park.  Please bring your child right into her or his Nursery room.  If someone different is going to pick your child up then please tell us in advance.  If you change your address or telephone number, please let us know straight away.


It is important for children to wear clothes that can get messy and not restrict their movements, clothes that are easy for them to put on and take off. Children need to bring an extra set of clothes in case they need a change, with their name label on the clothes. Please make sure your child has a warm coat for outdoor play in winter. 

Medicine, Illness, Accidents

It is important that you do not bring your child to the centre if he or she is sick. If your child is on antibiotics he or she would need at least 48 hours to recover. 

Parents/carers are encouraged to administer medicines at home whenever possible.  Children should be given medicines at Nursery only if necessary, for example if 3 doses of antibiotics* are to be given – could the child have one before coming to the nursery, one as soon as they get  home and the last one before bedtime? All prescribed medicines to be administered at the centre must have written parental consent using the appropriate form (attached).  Also we must have written confirmation from the GP/hospital, registered homeopath/dentist that the medicine needs to be given in centre hours, the dosage and times etc. Forms are available from the dispenser outside the medical room.  We would suggest you keep some spare forms with you so that you can take them with you when you visit the GP.

In line with Council policy, we cannot administer any pain relief medicine e.g. Calpol, without a doctor’s confirmation.

We are advised not to administer any other non-prescription medicines due to the problem of unknown side-effects and possible counter effects of combining other medicines or foods.  We would therefore encourage you to seek your doctor’s advice for any condition and obtain written confirmation from the doctor if any medication is to be administered.  Alternatively, parents/carers would need to come to the centre to administer the medication.

The application of preventative creams such as sun cream/block or nappy rash cream as well as teething gels will also need a parental consent form.

Please let us know immediately if your child has an infectious illness.  Then we can warn other parents to look out for the symptoms.

We will contact you if your child becomes ill or has a serious accident. Please ensure we have up to date contact numbers of your home and work should you need to be contacted.  If we are unable to contact you, your child will be taken to hospital if needed for the appropriate medical treatment with prior consent.

Parental Administering Medicine Consent Form


Staff are committed to working in partnership with parents to ensure the wellbeing of children.  The welfare of your child is our first priority and we will do our best to ensure they feel safe and secure.  Like all schools, we have a legal obligation to monitor and report any:

  • Unexplained injuries
  • Serious concerns about a child’ emotional or physical wellbeing. You are accepting this legal obligation when your child starts in the Centre

Being on Time

It is important that children arrive promptly so as not to miss out on being included in activity groups.  Please keep us informed if your child is not coming or will be arriving late.  We expect your child to be collected on time, as the centre can only cater for a certain number of children after 3.50pm.  We will make allowances for one-off occasions, but please telephone the centre to let us know.


Parents are welcome to bring food to share when it’s your child’s birthday or other celebratory days.  Please let your key person or the room co-ordinator know first.  Please ensure the food is NUT FREE.


Please provide nappies, wipes and cream for your child that will be kept in your child’s personal basket, together with sun-cream and a hat for hot weather. 

Promoting Positive Behaviour

We want to help children to learn get along with others.  We want to support children to learn how to get along with others.  We also want children to be in touch with their own needs and to be assertive.  We aim to:

  • treat each child as an individual
  • model positive behaviour a adults
  • support children with resolving conflicts themselves
  • encourage children to take turns
  • discuss any concerns with you
  • talk about the behaviour and not label the child themselves

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

  • We believe Parents/Carers satisfaction with our services is essential and we are always open to suggestions. If you have a concern or complaint, we would like you to tell us about it as soon as possible.  Most concerns can be sorted out quickly by speaking with your child’s Key Person or Room Co-ordinator. 
  • If you have a complaint that you feel should be looked at by the Head or Deputy Head of Centre then please contact them straightaway if you prefer.
  • It’s also great to be told when we are doing things well.