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Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Welcome to Green room (1-3 year olds)

Welcome. Here you can find all things related to your child's experience in Green Room.

Please email Green Room if you wish to communicate directly with a member of staff. 

Meet the Team

Jenny                                            Josephine                                   Val                         

Angelika                                        Rajrani                                        Eileen                     

Liz                                                 Gabreia                                       Nicole                     

Zain                                              Jade                                            Lakshmi

Zoe                                               Zaia                                             Stephanie

Shome                                         Szilvia                                          Kelly


We would all like to welcome you and your child to Green Room. We know that starting nursery may feel like a big step for you and your child and that there are some things that you may be worried about. Change can be challenging for anyone and especially so when a young child is involved. We want to reassure you that we will be here, every step of the way supporting you and your child and available to answer all your questions.

 Key People and Family Groups

Your child will have a key person who will help to settle them and be their ‘special person’ during their time in Green Room. They will support your child’s personal needs, such as changing their nappies, as well as work with you for planning to develop your child’s learning and thinking. We also pride ourselves on our relationships with parents – so we will be there for you too! Key people work in family groups with one other Early Years Key Person and an Early Years Assistant. We work closely together to support your child; So, if your child’s Key Person is absent, an adult from their family group will help to look after your child.

Working In Partnership with Parents

You, as a parent are your child’s first and foremost educator and we value your input into your child’s learning. We encourage you to share with your child’s key person any significant events and interests in your child’s life, which we can celebrate, extend and incorporate into our daily planning. You can do this verbally or you can write in your child’s communication books. Your key person will also write a small account of your child’s day in these books if they are on an early shift and won’t get to see you at the end of the day.

Start Dates and Home Visits

You will all receive a date for a home visit and a start date.

The home visit can be very special for a child - often children remember for a long time who came to visit them and what they did. The home visit gives us helpful information about your child and it enables your child to begin an attachment with their key person on “home territory”.

Settling In

Children settle into nursery in lots of different ways. Some children will confidently settle into the room as soon as they come in. Others may be nervous and anxious about leaving their parents. Most children will be somewhere in between.

Try not to worry if your child experiences difficulties - it is a very normal part of a child’s development to be anxious, nervous or angry about starting nursery. We also recognise that many parents will find this difficult and sometimes upsetting process.

We hope that we can use our experience to support you and your child in whatever way suits you.  Please talk through the settling in policy with your key person when we gather into groups. 


We aim to provide experiences which are suitable to each child’s level of development and which will promote further learning and extend the child’s thinking.  Our curriculum starts with the detailed observations we keep on all the children.

Our Nursery Day

8.00am Extended day morning. This includes breakfast and activities to choose from.
8:30am  Late drop -off (Option 1)
8:40am Morning session children start
9:15am  Late drop off (Option 2)
11:30am End of morning session/pick-up for morning session children/lunch
12:30pm   Start of afternoon session
End of afternoon session/pick-up for afternoon sessional and core day children
Early Pick-up (Option 1 Extended Day)
Early Pick-up (Option 2 Extended Day)
Pick-up (option3) 

Island Time

Island Time in Green Room is when we get together for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon in our key groups. This is a quiet time where we may share stories, sing songs, celebrate birthdays or other important events and talk about what we have done in the session.


Lunch is at 11.40am and tea (if your child stays for tea) is at 3.50pm. We also serve breakfast from 8.00-9.00am and we have a snack in the morning and afternoon.

Our menus are displayed outside the main kitchen in the foyer. They are put together by a dietician and are tasty and nutritious! We try to sit the children in their family groups. The children have their own placemats with their photos and any dietary requirements clearly written on them.

Please let your key person know if your child has any dietary needs or allergies so we can adjust their meals accordingly. We encourage independent eating at mealtimes, including scraping plates at the end! Mealtimes are also a time for conversation – talking about what food we like, what we eat at home etc.

Nappy Change

Please bring in nappies, wipes and cream to be kept in your child’s named bathroom box.  We support families with toilet-training and are happy to discuss the issue and share experiences.  Don’t worry about ‘accidents’… we are used to them and we are sensitive to how children and their families feel during toilet training. 

Golden Rules

Here at Woodlands Park we have a shared set of rules which we talk about with the children and sensitively encourage the children to follow:

We are kind and helpful
We are gentle
We listen to the grown-ups and each other
We are honest
We look after property
We sort out problems by listening to each other and using words
We always try hard

Equal Opportunities

The Green Room is fully committed to Haringey’s Equal Opportunities Policy.  We aim to support all children in feeling good about their identity, culture and languages, and to support all children to access the curriculum. 

Special Educational Needs

The Green Room includes a number of children with special educational needs - like the rest of the Centre.  We believe that inclusion of children with special needs benefits everyone: it means that the nursery reflects the diversity of the wider society; it means that children are used to difference and different capabilities from an early age, and it helps us to focus on the individual needs of all children.

Sleep time

Children generally have a sleep in the afternoon, however we follow your child’s sleeping pattern so we can be flexible with times. Sleep time takes place in the sleep room and its usually the key person who will support the children at this key time. If your child needs a comforter for naps such as a dummy please bring these in with you.

Green Room Places

  • We have full day care places for children aged from one to three.
  • We also have places for children who are eligible for Haringey’s Free for Two’s programme.
  • There are a number of targeted places for children referred from Haringey’s Early Childhood Network Panel.