Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Assessment for Learning at Woodlands Park

After children settle in to Nursery, the team working with them will meet with their family after approximately six weeks. Following this initial meeting, they will meet every term to discuss progress and plan for next steps.

These assessments help us make sure that each child experiences the full curriculum and that provision is made for his/her development and educational needs.

We do this by making observations and taking photographs of the children whilst they are playing and learning. We then assess their learning and development to identify the next steps they need to continue making process. 

Some children may be identified as having Special Educational needs and Disabilities (SEND). The Special Educational needs Coordinator (SENco) will liaise with families, teaching staff and outside professionals, such as Educational Psychologist (EP) to assess a child's needs and progress; and to ensure the correct support and provision is in place. For further information please refer to the SEND Policy and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities section on the website. 

Each child has a online Tapestry account, in which all their learning, including photos, long and short observations and samples of work, are documented. 

At the age of two we are required to carry out a 2 year old progress check with parents, to identify the progress their child is making and highlight any areas of concern that may need planning for in terms of additional support.


For all Tapestry enquires please email our Admin team.