Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre


Woodlands Park Nursery and Children’s Centre     Curriculum Intent 

At Woodlands Park Nursery School and Children’s Centre our curriculum intent is to provide a nurturing, motivating and inspirational learning environment for children to learn. Our overarching intent is to foster a love of learning through investigating first-hand. We want to allow children time to become immersed in experiences and make sense of their world, free from any interruptions. Through child and adult led learning, we enable the children to explore and extend their fascinations and be creative, whilst being taught key skills and knowledge. We aim to offer them opportunities to explore a wide range of interesting and exciting experiences that ignite curiosity and begin a lifelong love of learning and a sense of awe and wonder of our world. We work on the principle that young children have a vast capacity for intellectual development. We provide the opportunities for children to fulfil this potential by allowing them to explore first hand, observe, talk, create, listen and collaborate with others.

The carefully designed learning environment and qualified experienced Practitioners, provide children with access to a balanced curriculum that is carefully planned and links the outdoors with the indoors. The environment offers the children endless possibilities to learn and to be constantly challenged. We are an inclusive school with a highly trained early years specialist staff team. Our curriculum follows the characteristics of effective teaching and Learning. At Woodlands Park we believe that a highly engaging early years curriculum consist of many layers. Our curriculum intent, implementation and impact are documented on the following pages.

Our curriculum coverage is very much based on the children’s interests and tailored to the needs of the children in our community each year. We enable the children to make choices, take risks and be challenged in a safe and stimulating environment. We provide an environment which offers a balance of child initiated and spontaneous learning with adult led experiences. The adults are attentive and experienced, giving sensitive, appropriate and well-timed support. We are flexible and responsive in our approach and adapt our interactions and support according to the children’s learning needs.

At Woodlands Park, we plan a play-based curriculum and firmly believe that play is the vehicle for allowing children to make sense of their world. In their play we are able to see them become absorbed in deep level learning. It is our intention that we lay the secure foundations for future learning.

Woodlands Park Nursery and Children’s Centre     Curriculum Implementation