Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre

Woodlands Park Nursery School & Children's Centre



Welcome to our Children Centre, here you can find a range a resources for you and your child/ren to use at home.


Valentines Day Activity Sheet

Making Play-doh - Video                                           Play-doh - Activity Sheet 


Look here for pervious home learning activities there tons to choose from so make sure you have lots of FUN!

Under The Sea

Little Footprints Green Screen April 2022- Video 

Jar Lids Activity - Video                                             Jar Lids Activity - Sheet

Sensory Shakers - Video                                          Sensory Shakers - Activity Sheet 

Stay and Play WB - 04/01/2021 - Video                    Stay and Play WB - 04/01/2021 - Activity Sheet

Salt Dough Christmas Decorating by children

Christmas Salt Dough - Video                            Christmas Salt Dough - Activity Sheet 

Making - Leaf people video                                 Leaf people - Activity Sheet   

Conkers 2 - Video                                                 Conkers 2  - Activity Sheet          

Relaxing Toy - Video                                             Relaxing Toy - Activity Sheet                

All about me - Video                                             All About Me - Activity Sheet

Broccoli Stamps - Video                                      Broccoli Stamps - Activity Sheet 

Telescope - Video                                                Telescope - Activity Sheet 

Leaves and Stamps - Video                                Leaves and stamps Activity Sheet 

All About drumming - Video                               All About Drumming - Activity Sheet

Conkers - Video                                                   Conkers - Activity Sheet 

Classic Music Stay & Play - Video                     Classic Music Stay & Play - Activity Sheet

Alf Saves the Day - Video                                   Alf Saves the Day - Activity Sheet

Topsy and Tim Go on Holiday - Video              Topsy and Tim Go on Holiday - Activity Sheet

Peppa Goes on Holiday - Video                         Peppa Goes on Holiday - Activity Sheet

Bubbles - Video                                                   Bubble - Activity Sheet 

Dear Zoo - Video                                                 Dear Zoo - Activity Sheet

Scarfs - Video

Chuffa Chuffa Choo Choo - Video                    Chuffa Chuffa Choo Choo - Activity Sheet

Mr Grumpy's Outing - Video                             Mr Grumpy's Outing - Activity Sheet

We're going on a Bear Hunt - Video                 We're going on a Bear Hunt - Activity Sheet 

Stick Activity- Video 


Mindfulness Brain-breaks

Lets get Building!

Lets get Cleaning!

What clothes do we have?

What's in the box?

Art Elephant

Easy Puzzle

Hot & Cold

Makaton part 1                                                        Makaton part 2 

Cat Mask 

Farm Animals 


Please enjoy these Story Videos, read by members of staff her at Woodlands Park Nursery. 

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Have you seen a Crocodile?

Jaspers Beanstalk

We're going on a Bear Hunt

Dear Zoo

Peace at Last

This and That